The Black Sheep of the industry.

Our Mission

Black Sheep

"Those guys work so hard even the Chinese find it pointless to knock them off."

Remember when a simple tube was $300 and a simple Honeycomb was $500?!?!?

American made glass doesn't need to break the bank. We strive to provide quality tobacco products that are affordable to everyone. We design and manufacture most of our glass in-house at our 9,000 sqft glassblowing shop in Ontario, CA. Even with the onslaught of cheap imports being smuggled into the country, our manufacturing techniques and capabilities allow us to still provide a better value. That kickass piece isn't just for the elite few, Black Sheep believes that all of us deserve to smoke in style and still have money to pay your bills.

Our constant research and development allows us to stay current on all trends and manufacturing technologies. Our design staff have a strong passion for this industry and we are constantly putting out new designs every week.

Our business model is about more than just the bottom line. Our company culture aims to provide a stress-free work environment while still taking care of business. Our flock of sheep comes in all shapes and forms. We aren't just a business, we're a family.

Family is the source of our motivation.

Our Collections

Colored Quartz
Boro Tech Ratchetttts
Genie Bottles
Shot Glasses
X Files
Micro Bottles