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Black Sheep Gallery

Established in 2007

Their roots run deep in the glass industry. One of their founding members is a second generation glassblower, helping out the family business at the ripe young age of 12 making ceramic pipes.

At sixteen, he met the other founding member who was selling his glass from store to store. They quickly became friends, and decided to work together using their unique perspectives in the industry to create a new business model - a company that focused more on bringing value without breaking the bank. The idea is to deliver Corvette performance at Camaro prices.

Within a few short years, they quickly became the duo that raised the standard of value to all of its customers that inspired others to follow to this very day.

All they needed now was a name. While discussing it over "a bowl", they both come to realize while growing up they were always the underdogs of their group and deep down knew they were on a different level from the rest. They were the outsiders, the outcasts, the “black sheep” of their families......

Thus Black Sheep Gallery was born.



We started in a small glass blowing studio in our backyard in San Diego, California making millies and simple production tubes all day, working after-hours at a local headshop, and making phone calls to other headshops for wholesale. Our first catalog was designed on a Microsoft Word and Paint application on a home computer. We bought a $1800 laser printer on consignment at a local electronic store. We hand stapled every catalog and was able to deliver it all to a local post office to be mailed out to stores before 420.

After our 50th follow up call we got our first catalog sale - Bob, the owner of a shop in Florida called Tobacco Leaf.


We took the same model we did the first year and kept re-inventing our products and our marketing approach. As our feedback and business model became more consistent, we were ready to devote our lives to this industry and a small house just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We found a good size warehouse in City of Industry, CA (near LA) and it was time to say goodbye to our hometown. After meeting with accountants and sourcing our own packing material, we were really in business. Finally, we were able to hire someone else to staple the catalogs!

Our little company had grown to five people.


By this time, our staff had nearly tripled! What started as a hobby and a part-time job had become a career and a real business. With our glass blowing setup, products and staff members, the warehouse was starting to become smaller and smaller. The time to move again was imminent.



We finally expanded again, and this time we relocated to Chino Hills, CA. We moved into a 10,000 Sqft mega building with 9 offices and a huge warehouse and packing room. Our glass shop was relocated to Ontario, CA in a 9,000 Sqft building. The space allowed us to do our own research and development of our products. With all the move complete, top notch artist and other experienced glass blowers started to advised, teach and guide us on technique and how to assemble our glass blowers to build a quality glass line. After a few months of trial and error, we were finally able to start building a glass line that reached a standard of quality and it would be very affordable to the public.


Our network of independent artists and other outside production glassblowers were starting to grow. We were able to bring even more variety and artistic styles to satisfy a retail store needs. The feedback on our glass line had been phenomenal, and stores were encouraging us to come up with even more selection base on our business model. This would be the year we launched our first 200 page super catalog. The office seal of the City of Chino Hills heavily influenced our own Black Sheep seal.


As more and more people begin to accept this industry, quality American made glass is starting to turn people’s heads. It was time again to bang our heads together and decide where our direction will be in the next 5-10 years. The best way for us to do that is to directly communicate with our end consumers. We decided to participate in popular events such as, Hempcon, Hempfest, Blazers’ Cup and Chalice Festival. This enabled us to see feedback and recommendations of our product line.


We have been blessed with the best customers in the country - the combination of quality service and goods at affordable prices had earned the respect of our industry. Our team has expanded to over 30 members and still growing. We owe it all to our staff members, hardworking glass blowers, and our loyal supporters. Thank you very much.

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We are always looking for talented individuals to join our family. If you love the glass industry and live in the SoCal area, please contact us.


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