What Happens When You Eat Your Weed

You’ve heard about the advantages of smoking cannabis — or consuming edibles — however what about consuming the plant in its uncooked type? It seems some well being professionals consider consuming uncooked cannabis has its personal set of advantages. “While the exact nutritional profile of cannabis has yet to be determined, it seems safe to…

Marijuana Legalization in Europe: Is France Next?

Marijiuana, a divisive difficulty that usually resurfaces in Europe throughout election campaigns, has come residence to France’s hotly-contested presidential race. With eight months to go till the 2017 French presidential election, marijuana – or cannabis, because the French favor to name it – is an honored visitor meme in the candidates’ discourse, and a topic…

How to Smoke Weed Legally in Your Newly Legal State

If your state legalized leisure marijuana in November, you may be keen to get the joints rolling.But you additionally could be confused about how to navigate the system and eat cannabis inside the new regulatory framework.There's one major cause that smoking in a newly authorized state could be difficult.Adults 21 and older are allowed to…