Sativa or indica? CBD or THC? What to know before cooking with cannabis

Hash, brief for the Arabic time period cannabis, is a substance produced from the THC-rich resin, or trichomes, of the feminine cannabis plant. The resin is compressed right into a focus that may differ in textures (arduous, tender, creamy, sticky) and colours (blond, brown, purple, inexperienced). It’s stronger than marijuana and may be smoked out…

Legalization Hampers Ottawa Woman’s Access to Pain-Easing Cannabis Oil

Annette Walker hasn’t been in a position to fill her grownup daughter’s prescription for a month. Annette Walker worries she’ll not have the ability to maintain her daughter’s tears at bay. Walker’s daughter Akasha Cadieux, 29, has Rett syndrome, a illness which has left her in a wheelchair, unable to speak and consuming by way…