GENIFER M Moves Cannabis into Mainstream

"We are paving the way for cannabis culture to enter the mainstream," stated Genifer Murray, Co-Founder of GENIFER M. "We started as a niche company selling primarily to people that loved the cannabis lifestyle, but now our jewelry is worn by people in every branch of life, including Fortune 500 Executives, musicians, celebrities, moms, dads, and forward-thinking people throughout the world."

Murray, who was lately named "Cannabis Industry Woman of the Year," stated the corporate will quickly be saying its participation with a serious Hollywood awards ceremony, in addition to with one of many nation's largest music festivals.

Forbes featured GENIFER M Jewelry in a report titled, "The 10 Most Expensive Valentines Gifts For The Cannabis Lover." The article showcased a Sativa Leaf Diamond Pave Necklace, and stated, "GENIFER M creates authentic, modern, marijuana inspired jewelry."

ELLE Canada, which matches on sale February 12, however is on the market now on-line, featured GENIFER M in a bit titled, "When did Weed become So Chic?" The journal introduced the favored GENIFER M Molecule Pin, and stated, "Only you will know it's the THC molecule!"

Harper's Bazaar featured Genifer Murray in a video titled, "The Chic Side of Weed," and wrote, " got an inside look at the future of marijuana, and the women who are leading the charge."

Insight News included GENIFER M in its annual Gift Guide and wrote, "GENIFER M is among the hottest jewellery corporations on the earth, and everybody in Beverly Hills, New York, and London are grabbing up these fanciful designs."

For extra info on GENIFER M Jewelry, go to:, or name: 480-629-4951.


GENIFER M is the primary artisan, cannabis lifestyle-inspired jewellery firm within the nation. Handcrafted within the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, every GENIFER M piece is designed to encourage, and supply a way of empowerment and expression.



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