Does Smoking Make You A Better Parent?

People have been smoking marijuana for a whole lot of years. And, inevitably, a few of these individuals have been mother and father. Today, as cannabis turns into legalized in additional states throughout the U.S., mother and father are dealing with the challenges—each privately and publically—of easy methods to speak concerning the substance with their youngsters, in addition to tips on how to orient parenting round their very own utilization. To get a greater sense of how mother and father make these selections and to see what they’ve discovered on the job, we reached out to some for perception.

“My husband and I,” states Seattle resident Kelly Fleek, “neither one of us believe in lying to our kids. It’s an ineffective manner of parenting. So, we basically made the decision when they were little to answer any questions they had, age-appropriately but with honesty.” Fleek explains she and her husband, Alton, had drastically totally different upbringings when it got here to cannabis, and notes, “We tried to strike a balance between the way both of us had been raised.”

The Fleeks didn’t take their choice to be open and trustworthy (although age-appropriate) with their youngsters frivolously. And whereas they by no means smoked in the home or left paraphernalia round when their youngsters have been small (the Fleek daughters at the moment are 21 and 25), they did use cannabis recreationally and medically—and nonetheless do. “We have never been the kind of parents to have ‘The Talk,’” she says. “We didn’t treat our kids like little adults, but we did treat them with a lot of equity. And we stressed communication.”

Now that their youngsters are out of the home, Fleek says she and her husband’s marijuana use stays the identical because it all the time has. “We didn’t want a separate life from our kids,” she maintains, “because when they find out about you—and if you were lying to them—they would be confused.” Furthermore, Fleek continues, utilizing cannabis helped her be a greater dad or mum. “I do feel that, in the end,” she displays, “my particular marijuana usage—especially in health from physical pain and controlling mental health issues—made parenting very positive.”

Does Smoking Make You A Better Parent?

Seattle resident (and DOPE Magazine contributor) Kelly Guava Jelly agrees that cannabis has helped her be a greater—and much more partaking—mother to her six-year-old son: “I’m more creative, more down-to-earth and engaged, for sure,” she asserts. Guava Jelly says she grew up round weed, and that she has conflicted emotions about how early she was launched to cannabis (round 9 years previous). As a outcome, she has an understanding of when to speak about weed and tips on how to function it in her routine as an grownup, with out making it a part of her son’s life. “I try to be honest and forthright about the world with him,” she acknowledges.

Guava Jelly says her son has even made feedback about her smoking. “He doesn’t like it,” she admits. “He says, ‘Mom, don’t smoke, it’s not good for you.’ So, I recently got a vape pen. I definitely wouldn’t recommend for kids to smoke at all. I wish I didn’t smoke until I grew up. When he becomes a young adolescent, there’s a different conversation.” Her son can also be half-Jamaican, she notes, “So there’s also a kind of spiritual aspect, too, with Rastafarianism.”

Does Smoking Make You A Better Parent?

And whereas many may disagree with the thought of oldsters being open and trustworthy about cannabis with their youngsters—versus, say, brazenly consuming alcohol in entrance of them—there are others who consider it’s applicable to take pleasure in cannabis with their youngsters once they’re of age. “I waited until my son was 18 to smoke with him,” declares New Jersey’s Karin Gray. “Until he was about 15, he didn’t know I smoked. I always told him I’d rather him smoke than drink, though. Now, it’s a bonding time for us. I just remind him to take care of his responsibilities first.”

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